Meryl Zimmerman

Equipped with an ever-expanding catalog of both well-loved and lesser-known jazz standards, an Ella-esque adeptness at scatting, and an infectiously joyful energy, Meryl Zimmerman sets herself apart as a unique personality and a true musician who isn’t trying to sound like anyone but herself.

Growing up on Long Island, NY to musical parents, Meryl developed a love of singing at a very young age. She discovered jazz in high school and has been hooked ever since. She lived in NYC for 7 years, during which she attended the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, earning a Masters Degree in Jazz Performance in 2009. In 2012, she felt the call to make a change, so she moved to New Orleans: her father’s place of birth, and her spiritual home.

Meryl can be found performing all over the city with a rotating cast of NOLA’s finest jazz musicians, including frequent collaborators Georgi Petrov, Larry Scala, Larry Sieberth, Kris Tokarski, and Ed Wise. She is the vocalist for The Tangiers Combo, an ensemble that combines French bal musettes, Latin waltzes, American songbook classics, and Caribbean beats. She is featured on their latest album, 2019’s “Tangerine,” and sings with them at Bacchanal on Saturday afternoons. Meryl’s other frequent local haunts include Effervescence, Buffa’s, SideBar, and the Bistro Orleans. She is on the faculty of Loyola University New Orleans and the University of New Orleans, where she teaches jazz voice.

She is currently released her debut album, “Crystalline,” which features Kris Tokarski on piano, Georgi Petrov on guitar, Ted Long on bass, and Aurora Nealand on sax. The first single from the album, “It’s You I Like,” is available for streaming and purchase on all major platforms.